Vaunted Vocabulary

I am a lover of words. That’s why I am so enamored of the English language, created as it is from numerous other languages, each with its own vocabularies and sensitivities. If, when I am writing or speaking, the first word that comes to mind isn’t exactly what I was seeking, I can always find another…if French derivation doesn’t work, I can try German. For goodness sake, we even have Scottish, Hindu, and Arabic words in our common, everyday language! Am I diverted by words, or  amused, or enchanted? Perhaps attracted and charmed. Each is succinct in its meaning, helping me to more closely define my reaction to the plethora of words available to me as a speaker and writer. It’s silly, droll, amusing, and laughable, I know. But there you have it. I enjoy words!

I love the feel of words, both on my lips and in my mind. Words like “Euclid” and “ungulate” feel so good in the throat when you say them full voiced, but they aren’t particularly attractive when written. Yet there are others from which I derive great pleasure just seeing them written–bubble, bon-bon, ooze–and remain unaffected by them aurally.

Then there is the joy in discovering new words to add to my vocabulary. Today’s new words are “ontic” and “noetic” and “aseity.” The first means of, relating to, or having real being or existence. Wonderful word! The second means apprehended only by the intellect. And the last means the state of being derived or self-originated. Will I ever use these in daily conversation? Doubtful. But I’ll store them away in my little treasure trove of words to know and cherish.

Three new words today, not hunted down in a dictionary, but encountered in the course of my editing. Now, I count that as a very good day!

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