Christmas Vacation

Having finished editing the books on Theatre of the Absurd, theoretical math, democracy and Senegal, and Islam and modernity, I closed my computer and greeted the holidays with joy. It still being the holidays, I am abstaining from work (two more books have come in and await my editing later in January), but am indulging myself now with reading for pleasure.

I received several intriguing books as presents, and have started Ella Minnow Pea, about an island where letters keep dropping off a statue and the City Council decrees that those same letters must be dropped from the language. At first, this seems a minor problem, since the first letter is only a Z. But havoc ensues when bees are banned from the island and all books which contain the offending letter are burned and banned. Thus far, I am delighted with the new idea of this book and the author, Mark Dunn, is doing an excellent job of keeping my interest.

Next on the list is a memoir of Zimbabwe, When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, by Peter Godwin.

There are more, but these will be my first two feasts. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Light and Stone, the first book published by Via Lucis. That will take hours to devour!

Merry Christmas, All! And please take time to relax and regain your energies for the exciting 2011 ahead!

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