Portuguese to Expand My Vocabulary

So now that I will soon be moving to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I have to learn Portuguese. I already speak French, know some German, and understand Spanish, but I hear that Portuguese is a whole new kettle of fish.

I’m looking forward to learning it, though, because each language I learn increases my English vocabulary, since English is a compilation of Romance languages, Latin languages, and a whole collection of words from other languages. Plus, as I learn Portuguese, I’ll learn new ways to phrase and describe things, rather than simply translating English into Portuguese. Transliteration doesn’t always work, as JFK found out while standing at the Berlin Wall, stating in German, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” What he meant was, I am a citizen of Berlin, but what he said was, I am an eclair. Or my father, when he once stated, “Je suis embarrasse,” to a roomful of nuns, who laughed behind their hands in silent hilarity. What he meant was, he was embarrassed. What he said was, he was pregnant.

So, it’ll do me good to learn a new language, both to apprehend what people in Brazil are saying to me, but also to expand my English vocabulary and descriptions. As I study, I’ll be sure to write some fun tidbits here. So keep an eye out!

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