Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

Who knew! Or rather, who kneweth that the greate Chaucer hath himselfe written a blog?

I came across this website by accident yesterday and spent longer than I had anticipated trawling through it:

The blog site includes several timely blogs, as well as links to pertinent information about Chaucer. But it’s the blogs that I particularly enjoyed, such as this one, “Aye, Virginia, ther ys a Robin Hood” (excerpt from

“Deere Mayster Chaucer,

“Ich am but VIII yeeres of age. Sum of my litel freendes seyen that ther ys no Robin Hood. Ywis, thei do saye that ther is no historical record of him. My fadir sayeth that “yif ye see yt on a blog then it ys trewe.” Plese speke the treweth to me on yower blog: is ther a Robin Hood?


“Virginia, yower litel freendes aren yn the grip of grete errour. Thei have been bismotered by the over-reliaunce on documentz of a tyme that ys excessifly concerned wyth historical record. Thei yive credence unto no thyng but yif thei see yt in a roll or chartir or heare a twentye minute talke yn a small room wyth questionez aftirwardes. Thei thynk that no thyng can be or hath been save for thos thinges that kan be compassid in their croniclez. Yet all croniclez, whedir thei be of thos folk at gret researche universitees or thos term papirs that childer do wryte, are litel. In the grete duracioun of eternitee, the tyme of man ys but that of a pissemyre, whanne comparisoun ys made bitwene yt and the lastingnesse of the worlde. For as wyse Boece saith of erthely fame: “yif thou wolde make comparisoun to the endles spaces of eternyte, what thyng hastow by whiche thou mayest rejoisen thee of long lastynge of thy name?” (LIBER II PROSA VII).”

And the “Serpentes on a Shippe” blog is worth reading, as well.

Go ahead, get your Chaucer on! And be sure to check out his About Me page! Fun stuff.

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