The Hospitaller Knights of Malta

Today, I finish editing a book about the Hospitaller Knights of Malta (not to be confused with the Templar Knights or the Teutonic Knights). Fascinating history of an era, a region, and a mentality.

One of my first reactions is that this is the best time in history to be a woman. However,  if you were a man in the 15-1700s, it would have been beneficial to have belonged to a Knight order. That was quite a life, if you didn’t mind the idea that women were sent by the devil to tempt man. Otherwise, it was a life of adventure and derring-do, especially if you sailed on the corsairs and fought the Barbary pirates. Camaraderie with brothers in arms, food and shelter provided, and your only task to live an upright life (though you were quickly forgiven if you gave in to temptation). Who wouldn’t love the life?

Next on the docket for editing, a book about Philosophy and the Return to Violence. I have no idea what the book is about yet, but I’ll find out starting tomorrow. For today, it’s all about editing the extensive bibliography about the Knights of Malta.

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