Theatre of the Absurd

Today, I begin editing a new book, on a renewed conception of the Theatre of the Absurd.

Having just finished editing a book about the Hospitaller Knights of Malta, I look forward to this change of pace and focus. It has been years since I read any of Samuel Beckett’s work, or the work of Ionesco or Pinter. Apparently, in that time, a new understanding of Albert Camus’s writing has developed, stating that Camus wasn’t truly an existentialist. Imagine my surprise! But now I have to go back and read a 1995 book about Camus that seems to turn our previous understanding of his work and philosophy on its head. As a consequence, the term “absurd” must now be re-examined. Absurd, or not? It’s too early to tell.

More on this later, after I’ve edited and digested the book.

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